Shoulder and Elbow

SRO provides comprehensive evaluation and management for a wide range of shoulder and elbow
problems including, but not limited to:

·        Arthritis
·        Dislocation or instability
·        Fractures
·        Rotator cuff tear and tendon tears
·        Joint stiffness
·        Tennis Elbow
·        Throwing Injuries

·        Arthroscopy of the Shoulder and Elbow
·        Surgery for Rotator Cuff Tears
·        Shoulder Replacement Surgery
·        Fracture Care

Mechanical Problems of the Shoulder are common.  They are often revealed by the answers to
some simple questions:

·        Is the shoulder stiff?  Can the arm move in all normal positions?
·        Is the shoulder unstable?  Does it feel like it is going to pop out or slide out of the socket?
·        Is the shoulder weak?  Does it have the strength to carry out desired activities?
·        Is the shoulder rough?  Does it catch and grind with use?

Non-Mechanical Problems of the Shoulder are conditions such as arthritis of the neck, nerve
irritation, bone infection, bone tumors and various pain syndromes.  These conditions typically
produce pain whether or not the shoulder is being used.  Persistent non-mechanical problems of
the shoulder require a thorough evaluation.
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