Sports and other forms of physical activity are mainstays of American culture.  It is a known fact that staying physically
active keeps people healthy and increases the longevity of life.  Sports medicine and fitness health care providers can,
through education, assist in the prevention of injuries and, through treatment, expedite recovery from injuries.  

Athletes are motivated to get well and return to competition as soon as possible, therefore sports injuries require more
than a standardized treatment approach.  Athletes spend many months and years preparing for athletic competitions, and
athletic seasons, which can end abruptly due to an injury.  This can be a devastating blow.  SRO focuses on advanced
surgical techniques and continuing education sports medicine seminars and,
therefore, have a unique prospective on sports injuries.  

Full Range of Services

SRO offers a full range of sports and fitness testing as well as orthopaedic consultation and treatment, including:

  •    Arthroscopic surgery and knee reconstruction
  •    Surgical opinions and evaluations
  •    Treatment of sports injuries to knee, foot, ankle, shoulder and hip
  •    Treatment of medical problems related to exercise

Our special interests and expertise include services to recreational athletes, skiers, high school, college and professional
athletes, dancers, cyclists, runners, gymnasts, etc.

Preventing Injuries

Athletic injuries can affect anybody at any time during a physical activity.  The amount of risk for injury depends on the
activity, the environment, and the attentiveness of the participant at that time.  Merely recognizing the chance for injury
and why it can occur is a big boost to preventing it from ever happening.

Several tips to follow to avoid injury:

  •        Always warm up and stretch properly before and after participating in any physical activity.
  •        Have proper safety equipment required for the sport or activity that is functional and in good condition
  •        Participate in a level that matches skill and development
  •        Listen to the body’s messages of pain.
  •        Balanced diet

Recognizing Injuries

The easiest way to detect injury is through the presence of pain.  While athletes might not lose full physical ability, the
performance is greatly decreased by an injury.  It is very important to recognize and
acknowledge injury when it first occurs.

The basic and most common treatment of an injury is the RICE method.

Rest - Stop further activity and keep the injured area in a relaxed position
Ice – Apply ice to the injured area to prevent or slow swelling
Compression – Apply pressure and wrap the injured area
Elevate – Elevate the injured area
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